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Fruit Cut 3D is an open source game which you can download from Google Play Store. This game is based upon the normal kitchen activity of fruit sawing. In this android game, you will have bunch of various fruits falling down and you have to snatch them with touch onto it. This game is simple and easy to play. One need to cut the fruits as soon as possible before letting it get down off the screen inside. As you do so, the tempo of falling fruits will get faster and you have to take more instant cutting touch initiation. Every fruits carries some point and as you keep sawing these fruits, it will provide you point or benefits inside the game. This is an endless game which you can play as long as you want to. You will never find an end of this game because it has millions of loops which result it to run longer.

Fruit Cut 3D Apk Game

How to download Fruit Cut 3D?

You can get this amazing pun game for the free of cost. Get ready with your android smartphone, tablet or any other android based gadget. Visit Google Play Store and search for – Fruit Cut 3D. Then you will directed on the download page where you will find a download button. Tap on it and download will begin in few while.

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Is it safe?

This is impressively nice and soft core game for fun loving people. Even ages below 18 can play this game nicely. It includes number of features like points and various fruits outlook make it more exploring and attractive. You can also consider this game for your kids too.


  • Endless
  • Amazing graphics
  • Variety of fruits in all sessions

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