Motu Patlu Speed Racing Game Download Free

Motu Patlu Speed Racing is adventurous game of two surfers. Motu Patlu both are the entries in this game and this game play around the various cities. They travel a lot to find more adventure and make more fun all the time. User can witness the amazing experience of the travelling on adventurous journey. Game is oriented to the race concept, meanwhile user has to win the race by travelling faster to complete the journey. This is such a fun and interesting factor to enjoy playing this game. User has to go through various cities while managing to handle some of goons very well. They will try to waste your time so that you couldn’t reach the destination on time. If you don’t reach on time on the destination, you lose it. So to win all the levels, user has to go through various cities taking time laps in the notice too.

Motu Patlu Speed Racing Game

How to download Motu Patlu Speed Racing?

You can download this amazing for the free of cost from the Google Play Store. This is available for the free of cost. To do so, just go to search for the Motu Patlu Speed Racing game. Tap on the Play Store link and click on the Download Button on the up right corner.


  • Drive with new vehicles
  • Motu Patlu cartoon themed
  • Secret level
  • Extra puzzles coins

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Is it Safe?

For the parent’s point view, this game is designed to be played by the people of all ages. Hence you can enjoy this amazing journey with full view of interesting journey across the various countries and cities.

In case you have any kind of issue while downloading this funny and adventurous game on your android smartphone, do let us know in the comment section follow. We will also love to hear suggestion, so let us know if you have one.

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